Beyond Menswear

We seek to provide a compelling narrative by empowering communities and individuals to alleviate poverty through transformative micro business lending.

People Over Profit

The most fundamental human need is never money, power, or fame. It is to live in a story larger than ourselves. Without compelling narrative, people become a bored and dangerous humanity. Often in helping, many have done a disservice by only “teaching people how to fish.” This belief, coupled with a passion for entrepreneurship, compels Avenue 33 to envision a different solution, a more sustainable one. We want to redeem capitalism. Going beyond teaching a man to fish, we plan to empower the world’s vulnerable populations to be the people who rent the boats and sell the pole. In doing this, we’ll provide greater opportunity and a more sustainable model of change and empowerment.


At the core of Avenue 33 lies two equally important challenges. Historically, high-end fashion and ethically produced garments have been separate industries. Avenue 33 meets both these goals with thoughtfully produced, exquisite pieces of wearable art which consumers can feel good about buying.
Our products are designed in Springfield, MO, and made in Brooklyn, NY by one of the world’s best tie makers from the finest Italian silks, cotton, and wool. Each product is handcrafted, American-made, and sweatshop-free.

About the Founder

On election night, when most Americans were reeling or rejoicing, America lost a true hero. This WWII bomber pilot, French medal of honor recipient, and U.S. Air Force Captain was Rance Loftsgard’s grandfather. When he passed, he left Rance an unexpected inheritance. This became the startup capital for Avenue 33 Apparel. Rance came from a long line of military heroes, but felt called to fight a different battle. He wanted to be intentional about using this opportunity to build a legacy of hope not only for himself, but for countless others.

Join the Story

Ave 33 Apparel is looking for retailers who enjoy something unique, different, and impactful. Become part of a story that’s bigger than ourselves. At Ave 33 Apparel, we strive to not only be on the forefront of men’s accessories, but to also reinvest a portion of profits into micro-lending among the world’s most vulnerable populations to help get their unique stories started.

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